Stay efficient with ever increasing changes in your environment

Strengthen your operations and decision making processes with a low effort, up to date company overview. Through integrations with your master data the visualization will always stay fresh. Visualize people, departments, positions, projects, and all the connections between them, in one place. Built to work in your browser for it to be available anywhere.

Deep insights in seconds

Instant search and filtering. Sift through your people the same way you sift through an apartment search. Visually seeing the corporate context of an open position can help your team's understanding the requirements of the staffing process.

Connect your master data

Easily connect with your preffered HR system. Connect to Active Directory in a breeze. Add information to people, positions and teams. Other data sources can be integrated upon request, and we can serve your data through our API if you need it.

Uncover hidden trends in metrics

Get insight in compensation across units and competences. Compare salary to seniroity in just a few clicks. Or combine any fields into the graph you need for that report.

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